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Recently I had the pleasure of creating the second look for Remarkable's Twitch Page!  A much more cleaner, simple look to the layout.

Vape Parlour - lady marmalade juice line

Book cover for "Fasten Your Seat Belts and Eat Your Fucking Nuts" by Joe Thomas.  Joe requested a cartoon version of himself, in a specific plane cabin, with him displaying how to fasten a seat belt.  This is a published book that is available on Amazon, and wherever books are sold.  Link below.

Remarkable requested the full package.  Created Emotes, Social Media Banners, Custom Character Artwork, Page Tiles, Logo, Offline Screen, Be Right Back Screen, Camera Overlay, Follow Notifications.  

Created a brand identification from his requests and allowed multiple revisions until satisfied.

Vape Parlour is a Vape company from Canada.  The owner requested a Rockabilly themed pin up girl while incorporating a Ratrod and Lowrider cars, and a Bobber style motorcycle.  Whilst incorporating the flavor colors into the theme as well.  (Still a work in progress with client)

fasten your seatbelts and eat your f*cking nuts - book cover

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portfolio - 2nd edition!

Created an elegant, but simplistic style for product labeling.  Vape Sauce is a vape company from Canada.  

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new page layout!

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